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Monday, November 9, 2020

Iaas With AWS: What is a Load Balancer?

 If your website starts to become popular, especially if it's not static you might noticed that the performance is starting to degrade.  The most logical step is to scale your architecture with a load balancer.  AWS offers three types of load balancers, there are:

  • Application Load Balancer
    • Protocols (HTTP, HTTPS)
    • Specializes in web applications, deals with traffic at the request level (layer 7)
      • Supports query strings, path routing, parameter routing, IP routing
    • Supports IP addresses, Lamda Functions (serverless, microservices), and containers
  • Network Load Balancer
    • Protocols(TCP, TLS, UDP, TCP_UDP) - Layer 4
    • When high performance and low latency is required
    • TLS offloading
    • Elastic IPs can be assigned
  • Classic Load Balancer
    • Protocols (TCP, SSL, HTTP, HTTPS) - Layer 4, 7
      • Old generation, not recommended unless you are running EC2-Classic instance

    In a nutshell a load balancer distributes the client's traffic among the many instances that are available in your architecture to offload the traffic so that more than one instance can share the burden of the traffic.  A health check is setup so that only the health instances can serve up traffic.

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