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Friday, September 24, 2021

Docker : Pull The Latest Fedora Image Into A Ubuntu Server

The beauty of Docker is that you can run a very lightweight image of another Linux distro on your host system.  In this post we will be pulling the latest image of Fedora into our docker container on our Ubuntu server.


1. Open the terminal in Ubuntu, then make sure docker is running by typing service docker status, you should see something a message like the image below

2.  Type in the following command docker run --name dev -it fedora /bin/bash . The command tells Ubuntu to run docker with the name dev in interactive mode with an emulated terminal using the Fedora image with the bash shell.  If there's no local image docker will pull the latest image from Fedora

3.  After the command is completed you will running inside the Fedora container, you can tell by the changes in the prompt

4.  The weird number is in the prompt is the image ID of the Fedora image that we pulled.  If you type service docker status you will get an error message saying it does not recognize the command because docker is installed in the host machine not the Fedora image

5.  To get out of the Fedora container just type exit and you will get back to the host system

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