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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Python: Install Python On Linux

 The first thing you want to do in Python is to install the latest version of Python.  Even though most Linux and MAC distribution has Python installed by default, you still want to install the latest version of Python.  The latest stable version of Python at the time of this writing is version 3.8.5 in this post we are going to install version 3.6.5 on our Linux instance.  

1. Open up the terminal and type the following commands

sudo su

mkdir /opt/python

cd /opt/python/


tar xzf Python-3.8.5.tgz

What we did was basically was create a new folder called python to hold our files and then download the python version 3.8.5 and then unpack the file with the tar xzf command

2. Now we are ready for the actual python install type in the following commands

cd Python-3.8.5

 ./configure --enable-optimizations

 make altinstall

These commands will take configure and install Python for you, it will actually take a while to finish

3. Type python to verify the install and type exit() to exit the python prompt

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