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Monday, June 13, 2022

Linux Package Management: Create A Cache Shared Libraries Location

 It is useful in Linux to create cached shared Linux libraries especially is you are developing something.  To do that you first have to create a shared library directory inside the extension libraries which is located in the path /etc/ , if you run the command ls inside the /etc/ you will see that there's already some configuration files within the extension libraries itself

Now let's create a library to contain the shared libraries type in the command mkdir /usr/local/lib/devlibs

What we need to do next is to grab some libraries and put it into the folder we just created, type ldd /bin/bash to get the libraries for bash

Let's copy the /lib64/ into the devlibs folder with the command cp /lib64/ /usr/local/lib/devlibs/ the next thing we need to do is give executable permission to the library so that other programs can execute it, when it's needed with the command chmod +x /usr/local/lib/devlibs/ 

Make sure you are in the /etc/ directory, create a configuration file and name it devlibs.conf with the command vi devlibs.conf and type in the lib folder you've just created, press esc, :x to save the file

We now have update our cache library configuration file located in /etc/ we can't update it manually we have to use the ldconfig command to update it. so type in the command ldconfig to update the cache library configuration.  Now if you run the command ls -l /etc/ you will see that it was updated recently


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