Tech Junkie Blog - Real World Tutorials, Happy Coding!: August 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1. Type in the following URL into your browser's address bar

2.  Click on the "Download" button on page

AdventureWorks download button

3.  Click on the recommended download link

Adventure Works 2014 Sample Databases

4.  Unizp the file you just downloaded

5.  Open the SQL Server Management Studio, then right click on "Databases" and then select "Restore Database"
SQL Server Manager Studio

6.  Select "Device" under "Source"

SQL Server Device

7.  Click on the "..." button, and the "Select" backup devices will appear, select "File" for "Backup media type"

Select backup devices

8.  Click on the "Add" button, and select the "AdventureWorks2014.bak" file, then click "OK"


8.  Click "OK" on the "Select backup devices" screen

Select backup devices

9.  Click "OK" on "Restore Database" window

Restore database

10.  A message will pop up that says you have successfully restored the AdventureWorks2014 database

Database 'AdventureWorks2014' restored successfully.

11.  The "AdventureWorks2014" database is now added to your SQL Server instance


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I am starting a new series in this blog that creates a real world example.  Most web application requires the same things over and over again, and in every organization I worked in there is an intranet application either home grown, or some flavor of a COTS product.  So you can't get anymore real world than that.  I will use the rapid development method, so some background information will not be discussed.  Feel free to do research at the concepts that you don't understand.