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Friday, September 20, 2019

Java EE: Setup WildFly for Java EE Development

If you are developing Java EE applications, then WildFly is an excellent web application that you can set up easily.  In this post we are going to setup WildFly on a Windows machine.  The instructions should be similar for a Linux machine, it's just that the files ends with the .sh extensions.

Here are the steps to setup WildFly on your machine:

  1. Go the WildFly website and download the latest version,

2. Extract the zip file into a folder in your file system
3. Open the WildFly bin folder in a command prompt and type standalone.bat to start WildFly

If successful that means WildFly has started.  Now we have to setup the admin user to administer WildFly

4. Leave the command prompt that you used to start WildFly open
5.  Open another command prompt and navigate to the bin folder again, then type add-user.bat
6. Create the user admin and assign it a password, when asked for the group, just press Enter, and yes
7. Say no to EJB option

8. Now type http://localhost:8080 into the browser and you will see the WildFly homepage, click on the "Administration Console" link and you can now log into the Adminstration Console with the credential you've just created.

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