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Monday, September 7, 2020

AWS: Set A Billing Alarm For Your AWS Account

 AWS has a very generous free tier account, but there will be times when you forget to clean up your work and are stuck with the bill.  There's a setting in AWS that allows to set the limits on your account so that you won't get charged for resources or get a surprise on your bill.  

Here are the steps to set a billing alarm:

1. First thing you have to do is sign in as the root user

2. On the account dropdown menu select "My Billing Dashboard", then click on "Billing preferences" on the left hand side

3. On the "Preferences" page check "Receive Free Tier Usage Alerts" and "Receive Billing Alerts", fill in your Email address in the "Email Address" field, click on "Save Preferences", then click on "Manage Billing Alerts" link on the "Recieve Billing Alerts" description to set your limit for the alert.

4. Click on "Billing" on the Billing Alarm page, click on the "Create Alarm" button

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the "Conditions" section is and type in the threshold value for the alarm, then click "Next"

6. Select the "Create new topic" and accept the default topic name, enter the email address one more time and click on "Create Topic", then click on "Next"

7. Fill in the alarm name and description and click "Next"

8. Scroll down on the next page and click "Create Alarm"

9. Now you need to go into your e-mail address and confirm your e-mail address before you can get a billing alarm alert on your inbox.


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