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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Iaas with AWS : Create an EC2 Amazon Linux 2 Instance

In this blog we are going to start our journey into AWS infrastructure with the creation of an EC2 instance which is probably the most common task you'll ever do. 

 Here are the steps to create an EC2 instance on AWS:

1. Log into AWS and on the "Find Services" search box type EC2 and press enter 

2. You will be taken to EC2 screen, then click on "Instances"
AWS EC2 Dashboard Screen

2. Click on "Launch Instance"

Launch AWS EC2 Instance

3. On "Step 1: Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)" screen select "Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM), SSD Volume Type"

Choose AWS EC2 Image

4. On the "2. Choose Instance Type" screen select the one that says "Free tier eligible"

Choose AWS EC2 Instance Type

5. Then select "Next: Configuration Instance Details" at the bottom of the screen
6. On the "3. Configure Instance" select the subnets that are closest to you
AWS EC2 Configuration
7. Then select "Next: Add Storage" at the bottom of the screen
8. Accept the default and press "Next: Add Tags"
AWS EC2 Instance Storage

9. Select "Add Tag", then select "Next: Configure Security Group"

10. On this screen you are going to set the configuration for SSH and HTTP traffic, select "Create new security group" then give it a name and description.  There will be and "SSH" rule already assigned accept it, now we are going to add the HTTP rule by clicking on the "Add Rule" button. Select "HTTP" from the dropdown list.

AWS EC2 Instance Security Group Configuration

11.  Select "Review and Launch" at the bottom of the screen.
12. Make sure the t2.micro image is selected if you want to stay in the free tier, select "Edit instance type" to select it, if it's not. Then click "Launch"
AWS EC2 Instance t2.micro Image

13.  On the "Launch Screen" click on the "Download Key Pair" to download the private key file(.pem). Make sure you remember where you download this file because you will need it to connect the instance later on.  Give your key pair a name and select "Launch Instances"

AWS EC2 Download Key Paird
14. On the "Launch Status" screen click on the instance link to see the status of instance deployment, it will take a couple of minutes to complete the deployment but eventually you will see the the "Instance State" is "running" and the "Status Checks" is good
AWS EC2 Instance Status Check

You've just deployed an EC2 instance in the cloud.  Doesn't that sound cool, now you can binge on coffee without guilt because you did something cool for today.  Actually as a developer there' really no guilt in the first place :)  In the next blog we will learn how to connect to our AWS instance in the wild. See you then.


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