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Monday, August 16, 2021

Linux Commands: The init Command

The init command is a useful command that allows you to put your Linux operating system into a system level based on a numbering system.  It's useful when you want to put your system in other states besides shutdown and reboot.  Kind of like the safe mode in Windows.

Here are the system levels (0-6):

  •  0 Shutdown the system (init 0)
  •  1 Single-user mode; can be alias with s or S (init 1 or init s or init S)
  • 2 Multiuser mode without networking ( init 2)
  • 3 Multiuser mode with networking (init 3)
  • 4 Not used
  • 5 Multiuser mode with networking (init 5) 
  • 6 Multiuser mode with networking and GUI ( init 6 )

To execute the command you simply type in the command in the terminal session as root



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