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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

ACME Bank: Step 8: Install MySQL Workbench On Fedora

 In this post we are going to install MySQL Workbench on Fedora.  MySQL Workbench is a great GUI database management tool for MySQL.  Even though we can do everything we need with MySQL on the terminal it's nice sometime to see the tables and data visually.

Here are the steps to install MySQL Workbench:

1, Go to the yum repository for MySQL at select the Fedora repository, and click "Download"

2. Once it's download type cd, then type cd Downloads, you should see the file in the Downloads folder

3.  Type sudo rpm -Uvh mysql80-community-release-fc29-1.noarch.rpm, if you done this already with the MySQL Community Server install nothing will happen, but if you haven't then a bunch of packages will be installed 

4. Now you are ready to install Workbench with this command sudo dnf install mysql-workbench say yes to any prompt

5. Now you can launch mysql-workbench, by typing mysql-workbench in the terminal

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