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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Install CentOS on VirtualBox Part 3 : Installing the Gnome Desktop Environment

In previous blog we've installed the CentOS operating system on VirtualBox however, when we reboot, it takes us to a text prompt.  In this blog we will be installing a graphical desktop environment to our operating system using "yum".  Follow the steps below to get the Gnome desktop in your CentOS.

1.  Make sure you have internet connection
2.  Click "Start" on your "CentOS" VM

3.  After the boot messages you will be presented with login prompt.  Type in the login name of the Administrator user that you've created on the last blog.

4.  Now type sudo yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop" without the quotes

5.  Type y when asked "Is this ok [y/d/N]

6. After the Gnome desktop has been installed type reboot now -r to reboot CentOS

7.  After the CentOS has been rebooted, login using the Administrator user and type sudo systemctl set-default this step is optional.  You only want to do this if you want to start up CentOS in desktop mode.

8.  Now to see the installation work type sudo systemctl start to start the Gnome Desktop

9.  The Gnome Desktop login screen will appear

10.  Login and to start using the Gnome Desktop

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