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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Installing Git For Windows

Git is an open sourced version control system, that a lot of open source projects have a repository on.
To install Git on Windows follow the directions in this blog.

1.  Go to

2.  Click on "Download for Windows" if you are using Windows, or "Downloads" if you are using other OS.  After you click on the button, save the download to a location on your desktop.

3.  Double click on the Git, .exe file that you've just downloaded

4.  Click "Next" on the welcome screen

5.  Click "Next" to accept the license screen

6.  Click "Next" to accept the path, or use the "Browse" button to choose a different path.

7.  Select the following components and then click "Next"

8.  Click "Next" to accept the "Start Menu Folder" name

 9.  Select "Use Git from Windows Command Prompt", then click "Next"

10.  The program will install automatically, wait for it to finish

11.  Click "Finish" to complete the installation

12.  Now to test that install is successful, open up a command line and type in the following command to display the version of "git" that is installed in your machine

"git version"

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