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Sunday, March 15, 2015

log4net : Install log4net on ASP.NET Part 1

log4net is the most commonly used ASP.NET logging package.  It is robust and flexible in it's features.  You can choose to log your errors on the database or in a log file or multiple log files.  However, it is not as straight forward to set up.  In this blog we will go through the steps to install log4net using NuGet Package Manager.

1.  Create an empty web project, and call it whatever you like, below is the settings that I have, then click "OK"

2. Right click on the solution and select "Manage NuGet Packages for Solution..."

3.  Locate the search box on the left hand side

4. Type "log4net" in the search box, the latest log4net version will show up in the search results in the main window.  Click on the "Install" button.

5.  Select the project that you want log4net to be installed, then click "OK"

6.  After the installation under "References" log4net will be added


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