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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

GIMP: Resize A Large Photo

Resizing images is a common task that you have to do to show your photo image on a website.  Most digital camera or smart phones takes photos that are a lot larger than what most web sites can display in it's original size.  In this blog we will show you how to resize your photo in GIMP.

Step By Step Instructions:

1.  Open the original photo in GIMP

GIMP original photo size

As you can see the photo has the dimension of 2048x1530, not suitable for web display

2. Click Image → Scale Image

GIMP scale image

3.  The "Scale Image" dialog box will be displayed.  The link icon   puts a constrain on the width and the height to be propositional.  Usually it is the best option, however you need to specify an exact width and height value you can click on the link icon to input your own width and height.  For this blog we will leave the width and height linked.

GIMP scale image width and height settings

4.  Type in the new width and height for the image, for this image I am going to type in 600 for the width, the height field will be adjusted automatically to be proportionate with the new width.  Note you have to click on the height field for the height to be adjusted.  This might be a bug.  Click on the "Scale" button, and the image will be resized.

GIMP resized image

As you can see from the top status bar the image now has the dimension of 600x448

5.  Now that we have the resized image we can export our image as a .jpeg file

6.  To export the image click File → Export As, once the "Export Image" dialog is displayed, expand the "Select File_Type (By Extension)

GIMP export image dialog

7.  Select "JPEG image" File Type

GIMP JPEG image File Type

8.   In the "Name" field give your resized photo a name.

GIMP eport file name

9.  Click the "Export" button

10.  Accept the default export settings, and then click "Export" again

GIMP export default settings

And here is the resized photo, suitable for the web.

GIMP resized photo


  1. Oh please, do NOT tell people to go via the file-type selector - this is really just for the few cases when you want to export a file with an extension that is not the common one for a type.

    To export as file.jpg, just keep the selector as "By extension" and type file.jpg into the file name field.

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