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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Linux: Installing Apache Web Server On Linux Mint

 Apache (HTTPD) is the most popular web server on the web right now.  It is from the Apache Software Foundation.  A web server serves content to the web.  The power of Apache lies in it's modules which allows you to process scripting languages such as Perl, and PHP.

In this blog we will go over how to install the Apache Http Web Server on the Ubuntu Server:

1.  In the terminal type in the following command

apt-cache search apache  | more

search for the latest apache web server version

the "search" command searches for the latest apache web server version, we added the "more" command so that we can press enter to scroll

Apache HTTP Server is called apache2

as you can see the "Apache HTTP Server" is called "apache2"

2.  Press "q" to get out of "more" listing

3.  Type in the following command to install the apache2 package

sudo apt-get install apache2

type sudo apt-get install apache2 to install apache http server

4.  When asked if you want to continue select "Y"

5. The installation will go on automatically

Answer Yes when asked during the apache2 install

6.  Once you get your prompt back type in the following command to open the localhost page in firefox

firefox http://localhost

type firefox http://localhost to browse to the apache home page

7.  You should see the Ubuntu Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page as your localhost home page, and that's all there is too it.  In future blogs I will go over how to use and configure the Apache web server.  Don't be alarm if you see the Ubuntu default page because it's using the Ubuntu install script in the backend.

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