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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Create a Data Science Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure

It is time consuming and a lot of work to set up your own data science virtual machine locally.  If you don't mind the cost, the alternative to is to setup a data science Virtual Machine in Azure and let Azure take care of the plumbing such as the hardware requirements and etc, because a data science Virtual Machine is a little beefier than an regular mainstream laptop.

Here are the steps to create a data science virtual machine in Microsoft Azure:

1. Log into with your Microsoft Azure account
2. Click on "Virtual Machines"

Virtual Machines link in Microsoft Azure Portal
Click on "Virtual Machines" link

4.  In the search box type "data science virtual machine" without the quotes
Virtual Machine search box in Microsoft Azure Portal
Type "data science virtual machine in the search box.

5. Select "(CSP)Data Science Virtual Machine - Windows 2012.  I chose the Windows version because I like to use RDP.

Microsoft's pre-configured data science virtual machines in Azure Portal

6. Scroll to the bottom on the right hand side and click on the "Create" button

Create button to created the select virtual machine
7. Fill in the information, on create page, the most expensive option will be chosen for you.  I've switched it to the mid range option, so that it won't break the bank. The option is Standard D2s V3.  The Resource could be a default one that Microsoft creates for you.  I like to use an existing one that I've created.  You can find the direction on how to do that here.  After all the fields have been filled out click on the "Next:Disks" button.

Settings for Azure's data science virtual machine

8.  The option comes with a "Premium SSD", so just except the default.  Click on "Next: Networking"

Disks Options for virtual machine

9. Review the networking settings and click on "Review + create".  I usually just accept the default.

Networking settings for virtual machine

10.  You should see the "Validation Passed" message. Click on the "Create" button

Review screen for virtual machine

11.  This will launch the automatic deployment process in Azure, a status screen will show up. But you don't have to do anything at this point.

Deployment status screen for virtual machine

12.  Once the deployment is completed you will see the "Go to resource" button.

Button to go to virtual machine

13.  You will be taken to the virtual machine's control dashboard, and that's it.  In the next post I will how you how to connect to the virtual machine via RDP.  Since the cost is on the high end, I would recommend that you turn off the machine when it's not in use.

Data science virtual machine overview screen

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