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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Reset Your Virtual Machines Password In Microsoft Azure

One of the most useful feature in Azure is the ability to reset your virtual machine's password.  There will be times when you create a virtual machine that you put aside for a long time and you forgot the password for the machine.

To reset your password do the following:

1.  Log into Azure portal by typing the URL
2. Click on the "Virtual Machines" link

3. Select the virtual machine you want to reset your password on

4. Click "Start" to start the machine, your machine must be running before you can reset your password

5. Under "SUPPORT + TROUBLESHOOTING" select "Reset Password"

6.  Select the "Reset Password" radio button, enter the username and password you want to reset to.  Then click "Update" when you are finish

Surprisingly the reset password function takes a long time to apply. So you have to wait for a while before you can use your virtual machine again.

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