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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Deploy A Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine To Azure Classic Mode

In this blog post we are going to deploy a Linux virtual machine in Azure.  Most of the steps takes place in the Azure portal.  To get to the Azure portal type in the browser this address

Follow the steps below to create a Linux virtual machine in Azure:

1.  Type into the browser
2.  Log into Azure with your Azure credentials
3.  On the left hand side of the portal click on the "Virtual Machines" link

4.  You will be taken to the "virtual machines" page which is empty right now.  There should be a "New" button at the bottom of the page.  Click on the "New" button.

5.  Once you click on the "New" button you will be taken to a page where you can choose to create your VM via a "Quick Create" or "From Gallery".  Choose "From Gallery"

6. On the "Choose an Image" page select "UBUNTU"

7.  A version selection page will be displayed, select the latest version

8. A description of the version will be displayed click on the arrow button at the bottom of the screen

9.  On the "Virtual machine configuration" page, give your machine a unique name.  It must be between 3 to 15 characters.  Then select the "TIER" you want, Basic is the cheapest. However, you want to choose a tier that will at least meet or exceed your operating system's requirements.

Then check the "Provide a Password" check box and type in the password for your user.  Change the default username because that's the first thing the hackers will try.  Uncheck the check box  "UPLOAD COMPATIBLE SSH KEY FOR AUTHENTICATION"

10.  Click on the arrow button

11.  On the configuration page, choose your Cloud Service and your virtual network and accept the default Endpoints

12. Click next

13.  Check "Install the VM Agent" and click check mark to finish the virtual machine creation process

14.  A new instance of the Ubuntu virtual machine is running.  What you want to do is click on the "Shutdown" button if you are not using it because virtual machines are charged by the hour.  Even though it's pretty cheap it could add up.

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