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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Connect Ubuntu Deployed In Azure

In the previous blog we deployed a full stack Ubuntu Server in Azure.  In this blog we are going to connect the server using a tool call Putty.  You can download Putty at .

Follow the steps below to connect to your Ubuntu Server in Azure:

1.  Log into the Azure Portal at
2.  Click on "Virtual Machines"

3. Click the Ubuntu virtual machine instance

4.  You will see setting for the Virtual Machine, highlight the "DNS Name" and type Ctrl+C to copy the URL

5.  Open Putty on your desktop and paste the DNS name from Azure to the "Host or IP address" field.  Then click "Open"  if you want to save your settings then assign the connection a name in the "Saved Session" field

6. You will be prompted to trust the SSH Key, say "Yes", then you will be prompted for the user's password.  If you haven't assigned a username in the "Connection" section of Putty you will prompted for the username as well.

7.  Type in your password and you will connected to the Ubuntu instance in Azure.


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