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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Create A Private Virtual Network In Azure

In the previous blog post we created an Azure cloud service.  Now we are going to create a private virtual Azure network.  The importance of this is that when you create a virtual machine in Azure you will use this virtual network to connect to your virtual machine.

Follow the steps below to create a virtual network in Azure:

1.  Click on the "Networks" link on the left hand side

2.  On the networks page click on the "Create A Virtual Network" link

3.  On the "Virtual Network Details" page, give your network a unique "Name" and choose the location of your network.

4  Now click on the next arrow at the right corner of the page

5.  On the next page page type in the network name and ip address for the DNS, then select "Configure a point-to-site VPN"

6. Click on the next arrow icon

7.  You will be given a change to review your settings on the next page, notice the usable IP range it's big and that's what we want.

8,  On the next screen you will see the summary of the changes, click on the "add gateway subnet" button

9. Accept the default setting for the gateway subnet and click on the check mark to create your virtual network.

10.  Azure will create the new network

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