Tech Junkie Blog: Download and Install The Azure Module for PowerShell

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Download and Install The Azure Module for PowerShell

In this blog post we are going to download and install the Azure Module for PowerShell.  This will allow you to interact with your Azure account through PowerShell.

Follow the steps below to download and install the Azure Module for PowerShell:

1. Go to , scroll down until you see the "PowerShell" section and click on the "Windows install" under the section

2.  Once downloaded double click on the .exe file

3.  The "Web Platform" installer will be opened, click "Install" and accept the license agreement on the next screen.

4.  After the module is installed open PowerShell as an Administrator, and type "Import-Module Azure" to import the Azure Module into PowerShell

5.  Even though we imported the Azure module, it's still pretty useless until we connect to our Azure account.  We are going to use the token based authentication method to connect to Azure, You can do that by typing Add-AzureAccount command.  An authentication prompt will be pop-up.  Log into your Azure account and your account will be added to PowerShell.

6.  After you authenticate into your Azure account the account information will be displayed.  Now you can run Azure commands

7.  Run the Get-AzureSubscription to get your Azure subscription information


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