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Friday, April 7, 2017

Installing Heroku Terminal on Windows

Heroku is a service provider that you can use to host your Node application quickly.  In this blog post I will how you how to install Heroku on a Windows machine.

Here are the steps to setup Heroku on a Windows machine:

1.  Go to and sign up for a free account, follow the instruction on the page
2.  Download the Heroku toolbelt from the Heroku website at

 3.  Double click on the heroku-windows-amd64.exe file to execute, accept the Windows user account control prompt
4.  On the "Choose Components" screen click "Next"

5.  On the "Choose Install Location" screen click "Install"

6.  Accept the licence agreement and on the "Git" setup screen select everything and click

7.  Choose the option "Use Git from Windows Command Prompt" and click "Next"

8. Choose "Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings" then click "Next"

9. Choose "Use MnTTY" and click "Next"

10. Click "Install"

11. Click "Finish"

12.  Open up the Windows Command line prompt and type heroku login  you will be prompted for your heroku account credentials, enter the correct credentials and a SSH public key will be generated for you, and you should be all set up for Heroku!

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