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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

AngularJS SPA: Install RoboMongo GUI for MongoDB

In this post we will be installing the RoboMongo user interface for MongoDB.  The advantage of a GUI is that you can see the documents in MongoDB visually also there is a validate future that is quite useful when you make changes to the data.

Here are the steps to install RoboMongo:

1.  Go to and click on the "Download" button

2. Select the first option which is the full Windows 64-bit installer

3.  Open the robomongo-1.0.0-rc1-windows-x86_64-496f5c2.exe executable file you just downloaded, accept the User Security prompt

4. Click "Next" on the welcome screen, then agree on the user agreement screen

5. Accept the install path, then click "Next"

6. Click "Install"

7. Click "Finish"

8. RoboMongo will launch click on the "Create" link to create a new connection

9.  Enter "localhost" in the name field and leave everything else as the default value.  Then click on the "Test" button

10.  A prompt should say that you've successfully connected to MongoDB.  Click "Close" then click "Save"

11. Now with localhost connection selected click on the "Connect" button

12.  RoboMongo will show you the current databases that are created


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