Tech Junkie Blog: AngularJS SPA Part 12: Deploy Shopping List Application To Heroku

Monday, April 17, 2017

AngularJS SPA Part 12: Deploy Shopping List Application To Heroku

The previous blog post we setup our application to work with Heroku locally.  In this post we will deploy our application to the live Heroku platform.

Here are the steps to deploy our application to Heroku:

1.  First we need to check in our code into a local Git repository to add our code to Git is easy first type git init

2.  Then type git add .

3. Then type git commit -m "Initial commit"

4.  After you type in all three commands you should see the .gitignore file in the root directory

5.  Now we need to create a heroku application, type in the command heroku create in the command line

6.  To verify that the application has been created log into your heroku account and you will see it

We've created an empty app actually, the next step is to push the local Git repository into the repository

7.  type git push heroku master and heroku will do push your local git repository to the heroku git repository.

 8. And your application is deployed to the web! Go Heroku!  You can also type into the command line heroku open  in the command line if you can't remember the weird URL that heroku gives you.

Note:  Your application URL will be different because it will be tied to your heroku account

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