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Monday, December 21, 2020

Iaas With AWS: Setup SSL/TLS With Application Load Balancer Part 1

 In this post we are going to set up our website to serve up https traffic so that our traffic can be encrypted.  In this post the first part of the series we are going to request a certificate from the Certificate Manager in AWS.

1. The first thing we need to do is create a certificate, In the AWS search field search for Certificate Manager then click on the drop down auto complete choice.

2. Click on "Get started" under "Provision certificates"

3. Select "Request a public certificate" then click on "Request certificate" button

3. Type in your domain name, then click "Next"

4. On the next page click on "DNS validation", if your click "Email Validation" AWS will try to send emails to your @domainname, which you will never get if you don't have Email setup for your domain, then click "Next", then click "Review" on the next page

5. Review the information make sure it's correct, then click on the "Confirm and request" button

6. On the next page it would say that validation is pending, if you created your domain using Route 53 then you can click on the "Create record in Route 53" button, else click on "Export DNS configuration to a file"

6. A pop-up window will come up click on the "Create" button

7. You will see a "Success" message when you are finished, and your certificate is no longer in pending stage.

8.  Repeat the steps and create another certificate for investing.yourdomain name.  Mine is When completed you should have the following certificates


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