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Friday, August 30, 2019

git & github: Create a Local NorthwindCafe git Repository

In this blog post we will create a Git & Github repository for the Northwind Cafe application that we've been working on.

First let's create a git local repository

1. Follow the steps on this blog post to create an empty NorthindCafe in git repository using Visual Studio Hour 1: Create ASP.NET Core Project From Scratch

Check "Create directory for solution", "Create new Git repository" and click "OK" when you get to this screen.

2. Type git status you will see that there are files that have not been commited

3.  As the message says there's no files that are tracked yet, so we have to do that ourselves to get git to track the new files, type the command git add . to track all the files in the git repository

5.  Now we are ready to commit our changes to the git reposiroty, type in the command git commit -m "Initial Commit"

6. Now if you type git status again you will see that the files were committed, and there's nothing new to commit

Note:  Visual Studio has great git integration, normally I just used what's there in Visual Studio when working with git.  But when you have a great tool or IDE you forget that git is a great suite of tools with awesome features of it's own that works with all kinds of technologies not just Microsoft's technologies.  So it's a good idea to go through the steps slowly to explore those features.

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