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Monday, January 20, 2020

Azure In Depth Pt 3: Create a Windows Server 2016 Virtual Machine

Now that we have our virtual network and subnet setup in Azure, the next thing we want to do is create a Windows Server virtual machine.  A virtual machine is a great way to learn Azure because it's a fixed cost.  You can try different things without paying anything extra, also most of the promotional deals that Microsoft gives you should be more than enough to cover your costs for the virtual machine.

The following steps is how you would create a Windows 2016 Server in the Azure Portal:

1. Log into Azure Portal, and mouse over "Virtual Machines", click on "Create"

2. Give your virtual machine a name and select the region for your virtual machine.  Then click on "Browse all public and private images" link to select your Windows Server 2016 image

3. On the "Select an image" page, type "Windows 2016 Server" and select "Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Session Host 2016"

4. The next thing you want to do is change the size of the virtual machine, because Microsoft wants you to select the more expensive option.  This is just for learning purposes so we don't need that much resource. Click on "Change Size"

5. Click on the appropriate size.  B1ms should be sufficient. It's really up to you, which ones you choose. Click "Select"

6. Create an admin user and set the VM to allow RDP inbound connection, then click "Review & Create"

7. Validation should pass, on the summary page click "Create" and Azure will deploy your VM automatically

8.  Once the virtual machine is created, click on the "Go to Resource" button and click on the "Stop" button so that your virtual machine is not running to save money.


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