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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Linux CentOS In-Depth: Connect To CentOS Using Putty SSH

In most environments you are not allowed to have direct access to the Linux server.  The most common way to gain access is through a secure shell connection or SSH.  The most common tool that is used on a Windows environment to connect to Linux is a utility software call Putty. In this post we are going to connect to our CentOS instance that we've installed on VirtualBox.

First let's setup our CentOS on VirtualBox for client connection.

1.  Click on "Settings"

2.  Now choose "Network",  make sure "Enable Network Adapter" is checked, then select "Bridged Adapter".  The bridge adapter option allows your virtual machine to use the host's network adapter as if its own network adapter.

3.  Expand the "Advanced" section and select "Allow All"  for "Promiscuous Mode", not sure why it's called Promiscuous Mode

4.  Now log into your CentOS instance and type ifconfig into the terminal

Record the "inet" IP Address because this is the address that you will use in Putty

5.  Now launch Putty and put the IP address in the Host Name (or IP Address) field, then click "Open"

6. When prompted for a login, type "root" and then enter the password for root

That's it, now you are connected to your Linux instance that is hosted on VirtualBox using SSH.

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