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Monday, May 30, 2022

Linux Performance: sar Reporting Tool

 In Linux there's a great reporting tool that can look in the past for performance issues, it's an activity reporter call sar, it's an accounting tool which records the information on a cumulative and interval basis.

We can run sar to report on the CPU information with this command sar -u

As you can see there's historical data of a recent restart of the system at 2:46 and from the entries you see that the information is being recorded about every 10 minutes starting at 2:50 PM

You can switch it up and report on the memory utilization with the command sar -r

Or we can look at the disk access with the command sar -b

We could even look at our network adapter information with the command sar -n DEV

There's another good option you can run that is the sar -q option which will show you the load average for the system

You can also specify the the time you wan to look at by giving it a range like so sar -s 03:30:02 -e 05:10:01 and only those time intervals will show up


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