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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

AngularJS SPA: ACME Bank Mockups

In the previous post we created the JavaScript business objects in our AngularJS application.  While that's great and all we should we really take a step back create some rough mockups of our banking application so that we will know what we will be building.

First let's mock up the home page:

On our home page we have a profile section were we can access our account/profile. Then we have the ACME bank logo/branding, and finally the accounts that we have in the bank.

The next mock-up is the the Accounts Details page, when we click on one of the accounts:

As you can see from the mock-up it's pretty straightforward.  You have an identification of the account, then a display of upcoming  transactions, and past transactions.  There's also a search box for searching of transactions.

Finally we have the Money Transfer screen which enables the users to transfer money into and out of the account.  It just has the basic information, where the money is coming from, where it's going to, the transfer date, the amount and the transfer button.

As you can see the mock-up is pretty simple and easy to change.  Actually it's just pen and paper.  I am a big fan of low-fidelity design.  Meaning simple and low effort.  We can change it anytime.

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