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Friday, December 31, 2021

JavaScript Array Methods: some() Method

The some() array works similar to the every() method, it also returns true or false when the condition is met.  some() needs to match just one element in the array that meets the condition to return true.  So lets run the same code that we ran for the every() method.  We will test to see if the array is greater than 50 for the first condition, and then we will test to see if the array is greater than 70 for the second condition.  For the every() method the first condition returns true, while the second condition returns false.  Let's see what happens with the some() method.

        var oilPrices = [70.15, 69.50, 71.23, 74.32, 76.99];

        var greaterThanFifty = oilPrices.some(function (value) { return value > 50; });

        var greaterThanSeventy = oilPrices.some(function (value) { return value > 70 });

        console.log("greaterThanFifty: " + greaterThanFifty);
        console.log("greaterThanSeventy: " + greaterThanSeventy);

As you can see both conditions return true because at least one of the element in the array meets the condition.


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