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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

R Programming : Installing R Tools in Visual Studio 2017

In this post we are going to go over the steps to install R Tools For Visual Studio 2017.  RStudio has a development environment that is bare bones for the free version.  Visual Studio 2017 offers a more robust development environment if you download the R Tools feature.

Here are the steps to install R Tools for Visual Studio:

1. Click on Tools → Get Tools and Features

2.  This will launch the Visual Studio Installer, click on "Modify" on your installed version

3.  On the Workloads tab scroll down until you see the "Data science and analytical Applications" selection.  Make sure the "R language support", "Runtime support for R development tools", and "Microsoft R Client" are selected. Then check the checkbox next to it, accept the default selections, then click "Modify" at the lower right hand corner

4. Visual Studio will automatically install the data science components you have selected

5.  Now that we have R Tools installed in Visual Studio let's create an "R Project" in Visual Studio

Select "File", then "New", then "Project", you will now see "R" as one of the project type, select it and click "OK"

6.  A new R project will be displayed in Solution Explorer


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