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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

R Programming : Installing R for Windows

R is a programming language used by data scientists to present and manipulate data.  In this blog post I will go over the steps you need to do to install R in your Windows machine.

Here are the steps to install R:

1. Type the following URL into the address bar

2. Once you are on the page click on the link that says "Download R for Windows"

3.  Then click on "Install R for the first time" link
4. Then click "Download R x.x.x for Windows"  x.x.x is the version number

5.  Once the file has been downloaded double click on the .exe file to start the installation

6.  A "User Access Control" prompt will come up, select "Yes"
7.  Select your installation language, then click "OK"

8.Click "Next" on the license agreement screen

9. Choose your installation folder then click "Next"

10.  On the Components screen select all and then click "Next"

11. On the Startup options select "No (accept defaults)"

12.  Accept the defaults on the Start Menu Folder screen then click "Next"

13.  Accept the defaults on the Additional Tasks screen then click "Next"

14.  R installation will start

15.  Click "Finish" when the installation completes

16.  To verify your installation click on the R x64 3.4.4 menu item on the Start Menu

17.  The R console will be opened

Congratulations! Now you have R installed in your Windows machine.


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