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Monday, September 24, 2018

Linux CentOS In-Depth: Update Your Server with yum update

Yum is a update manager used by CentOS and other RPM-based Linux distributions.  It not only updates and install software from the defined repositories, it also takes cares of the dependencies.

One of the most common task that you will do is to keep your server up to date.  With yum it is quite easy because CentOS comes with many official repositories that enabled by default.  That means for the most part running software updates will not break your existing server.

Here are the steps to update your CentOS server.

1. To update your server, log into your CentOS instance and start a terminal session
2. Switch to super user privilege with the command sudo su

3.  Now type the command yum update

4.  If you see the message that says "Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit...", make a note of the pid number and press Ctrl+C to get out of yum

5.  Kill the process with the following command kill -9 3327, obviously your pid number would be different than mine

6. Run yum update again, and this time it should work

7. Select y on the question "Is this ok"

That's it! You server should now be updated with just one command.

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